Have you ever traveled to Nazareth? What secret did it tell you?

Nazareth is a special place.  It is a city of religion and faith, of spirituality and holiness.  Today it is a city with a rich history, fascinating archaeology, modern culture and Middle Eastern charm.

Nazareth is located in the heart of a valley surrounded by mountains and embraced by dry winds and a unique climate.  It is a perfect environment for producing wonderful natural products like wine, honey and dates. So, Nazareth’s first secret is its place. It is located in a special part of the world with a unique climate and abundant natural resources. It’s unique position also gave it additional historical and spiritual significance.

Mary, mother of Jesus, knew this secret.  Nazareth was her home town. She was a young woman living in Nazareth when the angel Gabriel visited her and told her that she, and the place she lived, had been chosen for a special reason.  Jesus was raised in Nazareth.  He worked alongside his father Joseph in his local carpentry shop, went to synagogue there and played childhood games in the rocky hills. He thrived and grew strong on local foods and probably ate honey from bees feeding on the local sweet star thistle flowers.  He enjoyed meals that his mother Mary prepared from local ingredients.  In Nazareth, Luke says Jesus “grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.’ so this place was very important in the life of Christ. Jesus knew Nazareth’s secret.

Today, centuries later, Nazareth also has another secret. It is the home of Dr. Noga Langer, founder of Nazareth’s Secret who says “We are proud to offer a way for you to experience the flavor and atmosphere of Nazareth with a unique range of natural food products, grown and produced in the land surrounding our home.”

The summer blooming Sweet Star thistle flowers are found in the beautiful hills of Nazareth and bees produce a honey that is known for its nutritious purity and high quality, being collected meticulously from the most talented beekeepers in the region.  The Dates & Halva Spread is made from 100% natural, wholesome ingredients.  The dates are produced by luscious groves of exotic palm trees of the region and the sweet halvah from nutritious ground sesame seeds! Herbal Tea prepared by a herbalist, who has extensive knowledge in the world of herbs and spices and holds the secrets of 50 years of experience in growing, drying, blending, and marketing herbs and spices to improve quality of life.  The packaging is unique and recreates the feeling of the tradition and history of the region.

Nourishing natural food is a part of the culture and Nazareth’s Secret is proud to reveal these secrets of the history and spiritual connection of the land to their products. The tradition of appreciating exotic, sensual flavors nourished by thousands of years of historical and religious significance continues today in the homes of Nazareth and now the products are coming into the world. These are totally unique products. There is no one else in the world producing them.  Find out more secrets on the website at www.nazarethsecret.com . Join the community on http://www.facebook.com/nazarethsecret and continue the story of Nazareth Secret on Twitter@nazarethsecret and on LinkedIn.

 Have you ever traveled to Nazareth? What secret did it tell you?