About Nazareth Secret

Nazareth situated in lower Galilee, Israel, in the heart of a valley surrounded by mountains, Nazareth is often referred to as the “cradle of Christianity”.
It is an ancient city, over 2000 years in age, and it continues to present
itself as a celebrated spiritual destination.

The Nazareth region has welcomed pilgrims for centuries, offering its
intriguing archaeology, natural beauty, and charming Middle Eastern
culture to all. Although the region continues to grow and change, each layer of its rich history is very much alive. Press here to learn more about Nazareth today.

Our family is lucky to call this beautiful place our home, and we are passionate about sharing its splendor with all who care to know the secrets of the land. We created Nazareth Secret that Is our registered brand mark of authentic products from the Nazareth area in Israel.

We recently received a USA Trademark Registration.

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