In need of natural snacks?

Struggling to find the perfect after school alternatives to chips and sugary snacks?

Nazareth Secret’s Star Thistle Honey and Date Spread Halva Flavor are easy solutions. Dates Halva-Flavored Date Spreadstrengthen bones, are a natural source of fiber and are full of vitamins and minerals. The Halva flavoring, created from crushed sesame seeds adds a natural sweetness and gives the spread an almost peanut butter like taste. For peanut allergy sufferers our Date Spread Halva Flavor can be a fabulous healthy alternative. Dip apple slices, or other fruits into the date spread. Spread on toast or bread for a quick and easy snack.

Our Nazareth honey, produced from the nectar of the Star Thistle flower and found on the hills of Galilee, offers a unique and sweet alternative to your teas and foods. Basically anything that you would have added sugar to can be replaced with honey. Honey has been a proven aid in boosting your immune system. Spread it on toast for a natural snack. If you like to sweeten your tea, add Nazareth honey rather than sugar. Blend honey into your yogurt or create a delicious dip by blending honey with peanut butter, cinnamon, and softened cream cheese.Nazareth Honey

Transitioning from processed to natural foods has so many benefits. Nazareth Date Spread Halva Flavor and Starthistle Honey are two great ways to draw from nature and are easily purchased at our online store.