5 Uses for Honey – One of Nature’s Most Amazing Gifts

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5 Uses for Honey – One of Nature’s Most Amazing Gifts

Honey is truly one of nature’s most amazing gifts! The sweet substance boasts
a slew of unique qualities, making it suitable for a number of little known uses.
So before you dismiss it as just another spread for toast,
consider these alternative uses for honey:

1) As a sleep aide
Chinese healers have recognized the calming effects of honey for ages, and recent
studies have proven that drinking honey with a hot beverage before bed
(try tea or milk) is an effective remedy for insomnia.

2) To help heal wounds
A natural antiseptic, honey can be used to treat minor cuts, scrapes and burns.
Simply use it as you would Polysporin or other similar products.

3) As a skin moisturizer
Honey is one of nature’s most amazing humectants, helping to attract and retain moisture.
Honey mixed with milk makes a soothing facial mask or bath soak. It smells great too!

4) As a sugar replacement
For a healthier spin on your favourite recipe, try substituting sugar for honey.
Use ¾ of a cup of honey for every cup of sugar, and be sure to reduce the cooking
temperature by 25 degrees to reduce over-browning. Bonus: the honey
will keep your baked goods moist for longer!

5) As a cure for hangovers
Because it contains high levels of fructose, honey accelerates the metabolism
of alcohol, making it suitable for use as natural hangover treatment.
Not only does honey taste great, but it has also got a slew of practical
uses reaching far beyond this list. It truly is a gift!

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